Sunday, 28 September 2014

World Heart Day

September 29th, 2014 is World Heart Day!

Each year we celebrate World Heart Day on September 29, to raise awareness about heart disease and stroke being the world’s leading cause of death.  This year’s theme is creating heart- healthy environments - the places where we live, work and play should not increase our risk of cardiovascular disease.  

You can help to raise awareness of World Heart Day by participating in heart-healthy activities in your home, workplace or community, and sharing that on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags #heartchoices and #worldheartday.    

Go for a walk at lunch, cover half your plate with vegetables at dinner, use less salt while cooking, or do some deep breathing at your desk while at work…. Just remember to share your activities! We’d love to hear what you’re doing to create a heart-healthy environment.  Tweet us on Twitter @lbdpcn.  

If you would like more information on lifestyle changes you could make to have a healthier heart, the PCN offers a class called Heart Healthy.  Click here for more information.  Call today to register!

If you click this link, you will be lead to the heart and stroke risk assessment which helps you to find out what is putting you at risk for heart disease and stroke, and how you can take action to live a longer and fuller life.  

Happy World Heart Day!  

Cherie deBoer is the Chronic Disease Management Registered Nurse at the Leduc Beaumont Devon Primary Care Network.  

Monday, 15 September 2014

IWalk, why not you?

Getting kids more active on a regular basis is very important for their overall health.  The CanadianPhysical Activity Guidelines recommends that children ages 5 up to 17 years old should be getting at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous-intensity physical activity each day.  This should include vigorous-intensity activities and strength activities at least 3 days per week. 

As a result of technological advances, activity in daily life is decreasing at a substantial rate.  Modern conveniences such as remote controls, video games, electronic devices and even drive thru restaurants are all contributing to increasing sedentary lifestyles.   However, as parents we can set a good example for sustaining an active lifestyle. 

Help promote physical activity into your children’s lives by taking part in the IWALK international walk to school month in October 2014. International walk to school day is October 8, 2014. 

There are many resources available for researching safe routes and tips on dressing properly for our unpredictable weather.    Seize the opportunity to increase your own physical activity by taking part in the IWALK challenge with your children and walk with them to school or play with them in the park or own backyard after school, if that is available for you.

Corinne Cutler (Exercise Specialist) and Cherie deBoer (Chronic Disease Management Registered Nurse) work at the Leduc Beaumont Devon Primary Care Network.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

National Suicide Awareness Week

Did you know? 

There were 3,890 deaths by suicide in Canada in 2009. 2,989 were male. 901 were female.
Men aged 40-60 had the highest number of suicides In Canada with 1361, followed by males aged 20-39 with 892.

Suicide Prevention Primer - Myths & Facts

Supportive Listening:
Leduc Regional Hub: Tues to Fri 2-6pm, Sat 11am-1pm      (780) 739-LHUB (5482)
Distress Line (780) 482-HELP (4357)
Local Private Counselling:
Connelly Counselling (780) 237-3510
Iasis Psychological Services – (780) 739-0707
Karunia Counselling – (780) 628-3939

Monday, 8 September 2014

Terry Fox Run

This marks the 34th year since Terry was forced to stop his Marathon of Hope, just outside of Thunder Bay. With one leg having been amputated, Terry decided to run across Canada to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. Terry ran 5373 kms in 143 days before the cancer spread to his lungs, forced him to stop. Terry's goal was to raise $1 for each citizen living in Canada at that time; 24 million people.

His legacy continues through yearly runs hosted in many communities around the world. The annual run has grown to involve millions of participants in over 60 countries and is now the world's largest one-day fundraiser for cancer research; over C$600 million has been raised in Terry's name.

Here are a few local runs that you can participate in on Sunday, September 14th.


Telford House
Registration: 9:00 am.
Run 11:00 am - Noon
You can participate in a 2k, 5k or 10k bike, walk or run route, dogs are welcome!


Four Seasons Park near the concession
Registration: 10:30 am
Run starts at 11:00 am
Beaumont offers 1km 5km and 10km routes (bike, walk, run, rollerblade) as well as a kids 1km fun run.


Intersection of River Drive And Rideau Street.
Registration: 12:00 pm
Run starts at 1:00 pm
Walk, run, rollerblade, stroller and wheelchair accessible, dogs welcome.

For other locations, please click here. 

There is no entry fee required and no minimum donation.

Donate at:

Watch the Terry Fox Story, here.