Monday, 26 June 2017

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2017 Summer Newsletter

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

June is Stroke Awareness Month

Quick facts about stroke, risks and how to reduce the chance of a stroke:

  •          Stroke survivors often have a more sedentary lifestyle which leads to loss of muscle mass and are also at increased risk for falls. 
  •          Studies have found that participation in regular physical activity is lower in stroke survivors than those of elderly persons with other chronic health conditions. 
  •          Those who have suffered a previous stroke are at risk for recurrent stroke and other CVDs.

Some of the risk factors you can change for prevention of stroke:
  •       monitor your blood pressure
  •       Find out if you have Atrial fib (an irregular heartbeat which allows blood to pool in the heart and cause blood clots)
  •       Quit smoking
  •       Limit alcohol
  •       Monitor cholesterol and manage especially – LDL
  •       Manage diabetes
  •       Exercise regularly
  •       Eat foods low in sodium and saturated or trans fat
  •       Monitor any circulation problems with doctor visits

 Some of the benefits of regular physical activity for prevention of stroke:
  •          Improve circulation and blood flow
  •          Increase oxygen flow to the brain and heart
  •          Decrease blood pressure over time
  •          Increase efficiency of the heart and lungs 
       Talk to your PCN family doctor if you would like additional support from our PCN healthcare team.

 Corinne Cutler is an Exercise Specialist at the Leduc Beaumont Devon Primary Care Network.