Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Pelvic floor muscles and keeping them intact

Keeping your pelvic floor muscles strong and intact is an important factor in health for both men and women. 

Keeping these muscles intact and contracting properly allows for:

- providing better recovery from childbirth,
- improving control over bladder and bowel function, lessening the chances of urinary or stress incontinence,
- reducing the risk of prolapse,
- providing benefit to men for better recovery after prostate surgery.

The attached article provides some basic information and education for exercise professionals on how to assist with promoting good pelvic health.  This article also has some great information that can help promote how to increase public awareness s on the subject.  

A great form of exercise for maintaining and increasing pelvic floor muscle strength is Pilates, which the Exercise Specialist at the PCN is certified in.  Please see your family doctor for a referral to the Leduc Beaumont Devon Primary Care Network in order to access the Exercise Specialist or any of the SMILE team members.  

Corinne Cutler is an Exercise Specialist at the LBD PCN.